We help you understand it, then decide what action to take.

Full Report

What does this consist of?

-First, an analysis of the sale process. This takes into account all that was said and demonstrated at the sale

-We contrast this with the market conditions at the time of the sale

-We provide an accurate key summary of all the points in your favour (and against). This is important for when you decide what action to take

-We analyse the profitability of the contract. It is not always true that the more complex products have the greatest profitability

-We analyse which products were likely to have been sold at the date of sale

-We will explain to you how the bank was pricing at the time of the sale, especially the value of benefit and value of detriment

-We provide the key questions to ask the bank as part of the pre-action exchange of information

-We analyse reasonable alternatives, such as a 'cap'

-We will review your financial position as to the affordability of such alternatives at the point of sale

-We analyse any (mis-)information provided by the bank after the sale

-We will carry out an overview of consequential losses

-We aim to provide you with enough information to support a strong letter of claim to your bank. This will not just be a list of COB or COBS rules alleged to have been broken - we also believe a strong letter of claim will not only show the bank you mean business but also demonstrate that, if further costs need to be incurred, the bank should have settled on receipt of the letter, and they should be liable for those costs

-We will also analyse post-sale communications - it may be possible to move forwards the start of the six-year limitation period if the bank deliberately mis-led you post-sale

Price on application. E-mail to find out more or to apply.

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